About the Artisan

Hello, Rosalie here.

As a wife and crunchy mama of 5, I grew tired of looking at the same colors, patterns, and typical design options. Logically Unique does not carry gender-based styles but believes all colors and patterns should be loved and appreciated by all. I’m always on the lookout to create items that are logical yet unique to put my talents to use. So, I created Logically Unique.

Where do I get my inspiration?

I attribute my love for sewing to my nana, aunt & mother. I grew up in homemade clothing & décor. I loved the freedom of expression it gave me, never imagining I’d be able to give that same gift to the world.

I'm never short of ideas! With a big family comes a variety of personalities, a lot of opinions and tons of inspiration. I will always find something new to design, create, and improve!

I’ve also studied woodworking and carpentry for over 20 years. My papa was a master carpenter and was the first person to identify my talent for woodworking and furniture making. I spent many years as a journeyman carpenter & attended the prestigious North Bennett Street School in Boston, MA to hone my skills.