Bespoke Full Apron w/Fabric Shipped by You

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Don’t let a little mess restrain your creativity. Our line of aprons lets you unleash your creativity without unleashing a mess on your wardrobe. So, go ahead, get your hands dirty, get lost in your work, and we’ll
keep your clothes clean.
SOAP MAKERS | CHEFS | ARTISTS | CARPENTERS | GARDENERS | PAINTERS | ALL CREATIVES ALIKE: Let us create an apron that is as unique as you and your work.
Artisan to artisan, we know it can be a challenge to find the right tools for the job. Stop looking for the
perfect protective garment and design it with us. Our fully bespoke Custom Full Aprons are artfully
crafted in Fitchburg, Massachusetts through a completely collaborative process.

You’re involved every step of the way from creating the layout to deciding on final finishes to ensure the apron meets your exact needs. Share your vision with us and we’ll make it a reality.

Custom Full Apron Step-by-Step Process
1. Place your order online. Our base rate of $45 serves as a deposit to secure your order.

2. A one-on-one video or chat consultation with the designer kicks off the design collaboration.

3. We get to work drawing the design and collaboration continues until you give your final approval.

4. We collect any additional costs for finishing details.

5. You order the fabric online or fabric you have that you would want utilize that is made of cotton and have it shipped to our shop.

6. Production begins.

7. Your custom full apron gets delivered to your door in approximately 1-3 months. Timelines can vary depending on fabric and hardware being shipped and delivered.


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